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Automated Radio Sweepers PAL Script Setup


Q. The pal output window message says category does not exist?
A. Make sure the categories in the PAL match what you created

Q. My sweepers are not playing?
A. One reason could be metadata tagging of your sweepers. Sweepers are subject to rotation rules therefore it is very important to make sure all three fields of each sweeper is unique and filled. There has to be a unique title, artist and album value in the appropriate sections of each sweeper. If it’s left blank then to SAM they are the same title or artist or album. Also make sure you have enough sweepers in each category. I recommend a minimum of 4 in each. Finally you could also change EnforceRules to NoRules inside the PAL script for every place you see it but be aware that the same sweeper may play often during the times they run.

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AUX PAL Scripts Install

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